Why I’m Grateful to Richard Cayne – Part 1 of 3

I’m writing this with some trepidation but feel strongly that it must be said. My concern results from what I have witnessed these past three years as the Internet has been bombarded with lies, misinformation and accusations about the man I am writing about. If I were more courageous, I’d not hide behind anonymity and freely communicate my identity. But, I have seen what the criminals who stole our money are willing to do, so I will not reveal my identity – for now.

My wife and I live in Japan and are active investors. We aren’t rich, I’d say we are “comfortable” having invested carefully and methodically since I retired 11 years ago with a solid though not enormous pension.

We met Richard Cayne, in 2006 and were impressed by his attention to detail and conservative, yet forward-thinking advice about investing and planning for the future. At our first meeting with him, he answered our questions, and really listened to us. He didn’t try to sell us on any particular investment and was more interested in completely understanding our particular needs and goals than he was getting our business.

It was over three months before after we first met him that we actually began making investments with his advice. Everything we invested in through Richard Cayne at Meyer Asset Management has given us a solid return on our investment. Most are giving us above-average returns and we are very pleased.

Richard Cayne part 2